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About Athena GDPR


The Athena GDPR Story

Since the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) came into force it fundamentally changed how we treat data and data protection. This is now an ongoing commitment that needs to be carefully monitored and constantly improved. The Athena GDPR portal was created to help organisations, whatever their size or business type, to meet the criteria with the minimal impact to your existing workload and to remove any concerns you may have about breaching the rules.

Our dedicated team of specialists will guide you through the process of managing your GDPR responsibilities and processes. Using our cloud-based software and advice from our GDPR partners, should you need it, your customer data is kept secure in a single location and records exactly what you do and when and why you do it. This provides the evidence trail required by the GDPR regulations and can adapt to ensure you comply as your business evolves and grows.

Working alongside industry leading Data Protection Professionals, the Athena GDPR portal is used by DPO/DPA consultants as well as individual organisation representatives to ensure that any business is committed to their ongoing data obligations. As part of the portal subscription you will have access to experts who are on hand to help coach you through the process or assist with any specific questions relating to GDPR.

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A Powerful Combination - The Athena Vaults Story

Athena GDPR is a company part of the Athena Vaults Group. Formed by people who have previously owned and run companies from start-ups to enterprise and therefore understand first-hand the challenges involved. Athena Vaults has been carefully constructed to provide companies with the very best of breed solutions and first class support to help with; Data, Cloud, Security and Compliance.

Athena Vaults do not believe in barriers to growth and instead wish to partner with you to ensure that you can become agile enough to meet the demands of your market sector. To find out more about how our team can help you with your digital transformation journey, then please visit our other specialist company websites or complete a contact form and we can have a discussion.

Athena Data Centres

The freedom to grow your business

Secure business critical assets with fully scalable colocation services. Improve your service standards with high speed connectivity. Eliminate the risk of data loss and maintain compliance.

Athena Cloud Tech

Transforming your cloud journey

Deliver the perfect end user experience with our multi-tenant cloud edge solution. Deployment of solutions and applications fully automated and instantly delivered across the globe.

Athena GDPR

Giving Data Proper Respect

Simplify your compliance requirements with a tailored software solution. Athena GDPR dramatically streamlines auditing with fully traceable manageable reporting solutions and functionality.

Athena Cyber

Protection for digital infrastructure

We protect your data with the very latest technologies to combat evolving threats. Eliminate the risk of data breach with in depth penetration testing and vulnerability identification services.