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Looking to become a Partner

The Athena GDPR portal is used extensively by some organisations across subsidiaries, overseas teams or investor organisations to name a few. Partnering with us allows you to set up and manage more than one portal, enabling you to help multiple teams/clients at once.

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Who Partners with us?


GDPR Professionals and Practitioners

Handle multiple clients at once with the Athena GDPR portal. Used by Data Protection Officers/Advisors to help guide their clients through the ongoing commitment of GDPR. Partnering allows consultants to open up multiple instances of the Athena GDPR Portal so that their clients can stay vigilant and current when it comes to collecting, storing and using data.


Membership, Associations and Governing Bodies

If you run a membership body or association and are interested in partnering to offer your members peace of mind when it comes to their commitment to GDPR, then contact us today for a demonstration and examples of who we help already. A valuable and successful benefit for any association who wants to look after their members.

Looking for a GDPR Partner?

A trusted team of information security professionals, our GDPR partners help and guide clients through their ongoing GDPR obligations. If you are looking for a true partner on your data security journey, then you will want Athena GDPR in your corner.

If you would like your consultancy to become an Athena GDPR partner contact us today.


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