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"As a growing company the GDPR regulations carrying an imposing burden to our companies resource and operation.  The portal provides every function we require to ensure, as a business, we remain fully compliant. The ease of use and functionality is refreshingly straightforward with the built in training suite invaluable to our operation staff.

I would have no hesitation recommending GDPR Direct to anyone looking for a straight forward, cost effective solution to their GDPR compliance."

Steve McKeown
Business Development Manager

Preferred Management Solutions

"We have had the pleasure of working with GDPR Direct for some time and helping to develop their GDPR product offering. It is great to see a company committed to the development of tools which can be used ‘in the field’ and have a practical application, and therefore meeting the needs of customers.  Andy and his team have built a service that adds value without over promising on ‘Compliance’, as they recognise the importance of end-users commitment to building a compliant business."

Managing Director
ISO, Cyber Security and GDPR DPO

"We were first approached by GDPR Direct early in 2018, just prior to the regulations becoming enforced in May that year. Like many companies, we had little expertise or knowledge of GDPR and the extent of our commitments under it. We have found GDPR Direct's software to be a great value to us, as was their panel of specialist consultants, in enabling us to ensure we comply with the regulations - and in doing so also ensure that our customers' data and personal information is robustly protected."

Managing Director
Safe Hands Funeral Plans

safe hands funeral
Streamline Europe

"GDPR Direct is a very comprehensive system which makes sorting out GDPR requirements very straight forward. The team has also been very supportive with quick response times."

Managing Manager
Streamline Corporate